Do you know what this is?

Mystery device

Do you recognise the mystery device? Please don’t give the game away if you do! It’s one of the items I’ve been learning about in the course of research for my next novel.

It and several similar gadgets feature in one of Pressmennan’s central strands. They’re linked to a world I understand a little about but, to make sure I get every last detail right, I’ve called in a favour from a couple of experts.

I took page after page of notes as they very generously talked me through everything I needed to know. Now the challenge is to judge exactly how much of what I’ve discovered to share.

Too little and several key scenes won’t be believable. And if I give in to the natural urge to show off my new knowledge and throw everything at them, that’s exactly how it’ll come across – as if I’m showing off – and that’ll spoil the believability of the story too.

So that’s today’s dilemma. The title of the chapter I’m working on is “A problem shared”. My problem now is that I’m no longer sure it’s true!

Welcome to my “next novel” blog


My first novel, Tandem, was published last month after I won the Hookline Novel Competition, judged by book groups from around the UK. It’s about love, loss, a celebrity penguin and riding a bicycle built for two – plus a lot more besides – and has had a great reception so far. (You can read all about it on my website.)

So now it’s onto that tricky second novel. I have the story ready in my head so that’s not the problem. The issue is that I’m struggling to find the hours I need to write it. But it is time to make time.

Why not join me on the journey?

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