When more is definitely better


Crack open the merlot and break out the tortilla chips… I’ve made it to 70,000 words. 70,092, to be precise.

I’m on target to have a complete first draft of Pressmennan by the end of November and – provided I work hard on fixing it up in December – a manuscript that I can send out by the end of the year.

As someone who was brought up in the garment business (we lived above the shop) I’m delighted to echo the sentiment above. Fine tuning will come later. For now, I’m just very chuffed.

About Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is the author of Tandem, winner of the Hookline Novel Competition 2013. Tandem is about love, loss, a celebrity penguin – and riding a bicycle built for two. She is working on her second novel.

4 responses to “When more is definitely better

  1. Well done! Keep up the good work. We are all very proud of you. Lots of love, eldest daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter xxx


  2. Well done!! I am chuffed for you! I loved the series, I worked with a bloke called Kelly and my maiden name was Cowan so people always referred to us as Coen and Kelly!!

    You are on the final straight. Keep going!! Or as we used to say in my teaching group -work hard but don’t forget to feed the dog!

    Really looking forward to reading the book. My daughter in law has been working on the Agatha Raisin book (first name terms with author) will be in Sky1 at Christmas and looks amazing!!

    Take care, sending loads of love be to you both. J xx

    Sent from Janis P.



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