Tandem spoiler alert!

Tricycle engraving

If you enjoyed Tandem, read on to find out about the sequel; if you haven’t read it yet, leave the page now as there’s a spoiler coming up!

I’m planning to pick up the story of Paula, Andy, Sanders, Nora and Terry in a few years. At the moment, I’m thinking the book might be called Tricycle, after Terry and Andy’s business – taxis for when you’re in a hurry; vans for when you need to move stuff, and bike hire for when you want to take it slow.

Sanders will be involved in a project of his own, but telling you about that would be a spoiler too far. If you want to know what he’s up to and who with, you’ll have to wait until it’s published!

By the way, if you did like Tandem and haven’t voted for it yet in the Reading Agency’s “Hidden Gem” competition – depending on when you’re reading this – there may still be time. Voting closes on June 18, with the winner announced on June 28, which is National Reading Group Day.

To vote click here. Thank you!

About Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is the author of Tandem, winner of the Hookline Novel Competition 2013. Tandem is about love, loss, a celebrity penguin – and riding a bicycle built for two. She is working on her second novel.

One response to “Tandem spoiler alert!

  1. I’m looking forward to it already!


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